Wednesday March 13th, 19 hrs. at Biblioteca Nacional’s Sala América.

Photographic exhibition


From March 13th to April 12th. at Biblioteca Nacional’s Galería de Cristal.

Conversations with photographers


Patrice Loubon, curator of the project, will talk with Paz Errázuriz, Zaida Gonzalez, Álvaro Hoppe, Claudio Pérez, and Jorge Gronemeyer, about their works, their creative and exhibition processes.

Sala Ercilla, Biblioteca Nacional. Thursday March 14th, 19 hrs.

Cinema exhibitions


The series will be shown at the following theatres: Cine Arte Alameda, Cine UC, and Sala The Cine, between March 13th and April 12th.

France Tour

The tale of a photograph will be presented at Le Bar Floréal gallery in Paris; at the Latinamercian Documentary Festival in Lyon, and at Sémaphore Cinema, in Nimes, during November 2013.